My job is to keep a pulse on the many cosmic opportunities that are always aligning for you to advance the plot.

🙋🏻‍♀️ And that’s me!

And by knowing what these cosmic directors (the planets) want from us as action takers to drive the plot along, challenging events turn into opportunities and opportunities become catalysts for your storyline to move forward, allowing you to achieve your wildest dreams in a quicker fashion.

Working with our directors and taking feedback will help tremendously in the long run, especially because life can be thought of as one long anthology series that airs for many years, with the same cast members but with different themes, plots, and characters as the years progress.

Can I Tell You A Secret?

So the truth is…

When I first began conceptualizing how I wanted to teach astrology to my clients I knew I wanted a strong metaphor to illustrate the role astrology plays in our lives. I had several poor fitting metaphors I tossed at the wall, but none of them sticked. I struggled with finding one that really clicked with me, that I could speak enthusiastically about. It wasn’t until I kept hearing about main character energy that I found something that worked.

My secret is that all of the naming conventions and the narrative film related metaphor that is driving my whole astrological ethos came from a meme 🤦🏻‍♀️

…and I am taking a big risk in using such a time sensitive pop culture reference, that could go obsolete any minute now…if it hasn’t already. 

So before this metaphor gets way too unbearably cringe, you can find my readings here.

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Proud mama to a demanding Capricorn kitty (catpricorn?)

His name is Chancellor Chickpea 🐱 He also goes by Chance, Cha-Cha or are-you-f*cking-kidding-me?

Before I officially became an astrologer...

I was a secret events producer, personal stylist, visual merchandiser, and fashion magazine editor (college magazine) 

My main character energy is...

a competent bougie homebody who can pierce through souls and loves nothing more than supporting others (especially marginalized people) who are working to achieve their goals and sustainable happiness.

The side plot that happens as the main plot is underway, usually used as a reference for doing something more lighthearted as a way to balance heavier and challenging A plots


The overarching themes the main character must face to develop their plot

Character Arc


Other natal planets and placements in your birth chart that might be engaging with you in a season


Transiting planets that have strong opinions for how they would like for you to act given the opportunity to work with them during any given season. The more directors directing a scene the more chaotic the season


The storyline that unfolds in a given series (might sometimes be referred to as A-plot)


The zodiacal season in which the sun resides at that moment, for ex: Scorpio Season


The span of one full zodiacal year, through all 12 zodiac signs


A single event in a season, presenting you with an opportunity to move the plot along or develop your main character


The astrological house or area in life where the plot takes place, and the main character and co-cast engages with directors


Events a person must go through in order to keep the multiverse in tact. Also in order for the soul to continue to grow on the journey of souls, usually due to outer transits.

A well connected person, usually of bestie rank, who serves as a catalyst to bring the main character closer to achieving goals. In this case, that’s me your astrologer, Babs!   

Supporting B Character

A person who is interested in woo-woo culture, ie all things mystical, magical, spiritual, paranormal, occult or vibrational energy (vibes) etc but has yet to dive into these topics. 

*While woo-woo is used in a derogatory slang by mainstream media this is changing as more platforms geared toward younger generations embrace the term. Thank you Gen Z 💖. In a similar fashion, we embrace woo-woo and woo-curiosity alike.


canon event(s)